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      • Michael Gallagher
        Trainer Mike Grogan

        When I started training with Mike I was recovering from a bad hamstring tear from playing Soccer.  I had been doing group fitness classes and some gym work but nothing targeted for the sport and activity I was playing, four games into the season and I suffered the hamstring injury.  As part of rehab Mike spoke to my physio and prepared a structured program to help me strengthen the hamstring but also address some other weaknesses that were limiting my movement. We constantly test and reassess my needs and ensure that I’m ready for each new soccer season. I’m 47 – still playing and put that all down to the hard work I’ve done with Mike.

      • Franke Conway
        Trainer Kevin Briand

        Kevin’s enthusiasm for health and fitness is infectious. He talks about exercise like it’s an art, a poem, a dance. And this sense of physical expression translates into his PT sessions which are varied and imaginative as well as physically challenging. I have learned so many new exercises, body weight routines, ankle strengthening exercises for my running as well as workouts that increase muscular strength whilst improving posture and body alignment. His extensive knowledge and range of workouts means he can devise programs for all types of fitness fanatics.

      • Will Wong
        Trainer Mike Grogan

        Mike has brought a more holistic approach to my training using a combination of weights, bodyweight and gymnastics drills. He is patient, enthusiastic and his workouts and programs are innovative and well thought out. Most importantly, he’s friendly and supportive, but works you hard and doesn’t let you slack off! I’ve also achieved my goal of doing a strict muscle up too!!! Thanks Mikey!

      • Lachlan Grant
        Director Happy Haus

        I have been training with Jon for almost two years. His approach to training is like nothing I had come across before and was such a refreshing change from the standard gym program. Jon’s emphasis is on challenging the whole body to work together in unison. I have never been as strong or stable in all my years of training.

      • Fauzan Zulkhepli
        Senior Electrical Engineer Wood Group

        One word: AWESOME!

        Alright, I may need to expand that a little bit: Jon provides a unique method of training that involves functional movement, stability, core strength, intensity and fun (yes, I did say fun!) into a single, addictive session. He thoroughly assesses individual’s capabilities and fitness level before devising a well-thought training regime to meet one’s goals and carefully recorded the progress on a regular basis. Every session is different than the last one. They are always exciting, practical, challenging and motivating me to push myself to achieve new heights in my fitness level.

        In only a few months of training with Jon I have noticed a huge improvement in my mobility, strength, endurance and physique. Jon does not stop providing you with health tips and training advise outside of the gym. He is genuinely passionate about helping me achieving my goals so if you have one of your own and could not find the motivation to achieve it, or just need an extra land of hand to push your fitness boundary, Jon is the man!

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