Personal Training

One-on-one Personal training at Jon Weller is focused on above all client results. Our initial focus is on creating a strong core foundation and postural balance to allow each individual to progress to their goals as quickly as possible. All training in tailored to the individual clients current fitness level and past training history. Our trainers have extensive training and proven track records in the areas of body fat reduction, “smart” goal setting, postural correction, strength and power generation, lean muscle development, rehabilitation and sports specific training.
All personal training packages include nutrition analysis, lifestyle assessment and out of session programming and tracking.
Clients can chose between express 30 minute and 1 hour sessions.








We have close relationships with a set number of private practitioners including 3 in-house Osteopaths, and 2 Exercise Physiologists and work closely with them to achieve the optimal recovery for those who require a rehabilitation program. Whether you suffer from shoulder problems, knee issues or back pain we have a close knit team of experienced professionals to progress you to a pain free, fully functional body.

Sports Specific

Clients who require specific training for their specialist sport will be taking through a prescribed training regime. Areas covered can include preseason requirements, technical improvements and pre and post competition nutrition and recovery. We currently specialize in cycling, tennis, and tough mudder.